Principal Matters–The Book!

It’s finally here! I am thrilled to share this collection of insights, motivation, and practical ideas for school leaders.
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Principal Matters is the advice I would share with anyone who wants to grow as a school leader.

School leaders are very busy, so each of the twenty-four chapters is designed as a quick-read and followed with take-action questions for follow-up or reflection. If you want practical ideas on understanding your purpose, managing school teams, dealing with challenges, and leading with courage, action, motivation, and teamwork, go HERE to pick up a copy for you or your team.


Rather have a Kindle version? Go HERE!

Here’s some feedback from some others who recommend the book:

“Will is a great storyteller, and his use of these connections makes this book easy to read but also memorable. His focus on ‘purpose’—going beyond what you do in school—is something that all leaders should really consider if they are going to make a difference in both their professional and personal lives.”
–George Couros, Principal, founder of, and an Innovative Teaching, Learning and Leadership consultant

“Will generously shares experiences from his personal and professional life to remind principals of the big picture as well as the small details that are essential to the success of our school communities…Being a school leader can be lonely work, as the role of principal is only truly understood by those who have served in the position. Mr. Parker has utilized his time occupying the principal’s office to develop practical yet inspiring tips for administrators. I’m excited to politely steal many of his great ideas with my own students and staff this school year!”
-Rachel Skerritt, Principal of Eastern Senior High School, a D.C. Public School. 2013 Principal Ambassador Fellow for the U.S. Department of Education

“Will writes with passion, conviction and insight. This book will equip you with the tools you’ll need to face the frustrations you’re sure to encounter as an educator, while enabling to you find renewed purpose and meaning as you influence your students to be the best they can be.”
-Daniel Wong, author of The Happy Student

“This book explains the why of school leadership, not just the how. If you want to understand the right motives for school leadership and the steps to being a successful principal, you should read, Principal Matters by William D. Parker.”
–Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus and Soup

This book captures the essence of effective teamwork and leadership. A great read for school administrators!”–Annette Breaux, educator, co-author with Todd Whitaker of The Ten Minute Inservice

Pick up your own copy. Go HERE for more information.

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William D. Parker