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Pause. Breathe. Flourish.

In this book, we explores the habits, practices, and mindset necessary for growth as both an educator and a person. Research shows that teachers and principals are leaving the profession of education at alarming rates. Some of the causes stem from the rising expectations and demands that educators find difficult to manage. Unfortunately, for many educators, taking care of others often means neglecting their own health and well-being. How can educators continue doing work they love while also making sure they are protecting themselves in the process? 

Messaging Matters

In Messaging Matters, you will learn how your mindset and practices influence the perceptions of your school. Your students, teachers and community members deserve to have a leader who knows how to inspire, motivate and reach them with your school’s powerful outcomes. Learn how to influence the narrative of your school with these practical takeaways and strategies. This book is divided into three sections: inspiring teachers, motivating students, and reaching communities and is packed with practical strategies, digital tools, and real-life examples. 

Principal Matters

My first collection of insights, motivation, and practical ideas for school leaders. Principal Matters (Updated & Expanded) is the advice I would share with anyone who wants to continue growing as a school leader. School leaders are very busy, so each of the twenty-four chapters is designed as a quick-read and followed with take-action questions for follow-up or reflection. If you want practical ideas on understanding your purpose, managing school teams, dealing with challenges, and leading with courage, action, motivation, and teamwork.