PMP:09 Better Managing Requests

In episode 9 of Principal Matters Podcast, we jump into the “nuts and bolts” of school leadership by talking about how to manage requests.
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School leaders can easily be overwhelmed with the number of fires they are asked to put out on a daily basis. In this episode, I share three quick tips on ways to re-think your responses so that you’re helping others for the long term, not just the short term. Check out the companion blog post to this episode HERE.

Here are show-notes for PMP Episode 9:

1. Give up your “Savior” complex.
If you operate with the false assumption that you are the “end all” of solutions for your school, you will burn out. Lead with the perspective that finding answers is a group activity–learn to share the responsibility with others to help find their own solutions.

2. If someone has a priority request, have them follow-up in writing.

Sometimes people want to vent and aren’t looking for a solution. If, however, they are addressing a need that requires follow-up, have them email you or the person who can help them.

3. We must learn to help others to find their own solutions.

Just as a coach cannot jump into a game with his players, we must help coach those on our teams so that they learn the process for solving problems and finding solutions. Listen in for leadership analogies I learned from both Dave Ramsey and Todd Whitaker.

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William D. Parker