Top 10 School Leadership Podcasts

This is a guest post from Jenn David-Lang.

Jenn David-Lang

Jenn is the founder of THE MAIN IDEA which she began in 2007. THE MAIN IDEA provides education leaders with ready access to the most current and powerful ideas in education to help them serve as strong instructional leaders. Jenn received her principal’s certification and Ed.M. from the Bank Street College of Education.
This month I am sharing a list of top 10 school leadership podcasts with THE MAIN IDEA subscribers. When I reached out to Will Parker at Principal Matters to let him know his podcast was on the list, he invited me to share my top 10 with his readers too.
Podcasts are quickly becoming a popular way for school leaders to find content for their own professional development. As I’ve listened to many of the podcasts available for school leaders, I wanted to share 10 shows that are important resources you will want to check out. Please note the following is not a curated list, and the language describing each podcast is adapted from the podcasts themselves. But I think you’ll see how each one offers unique content for school leaders:

Top 10 School Leadership Podcasts

1. Transformative Principal with Jethro Jones

Each week, Jethro interviews one of the greatest principals on the planet. These Transformative Principals teach principals and aspiring principals how to be the best they can at helping students succeed. From principals who do their work “off the grid” to some of the most well-known names in education, these principals teach and inspire us to be our best and share strategies to help teachers.
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2. The School Leadership Show with Mike Doughty

Learn everything you need to know to thrive in school administration. The School leadership show is where ordinary school administrators become extraordinary leaders. The only podcast dedicated to helping practicing and aspiring school leaders realize their potential, advance their careers, and achieve work-life balance, The School Leadership Show brings together the greatest minds from inside and outside of education to deliver you the insights and tools you need to succeed in school leadership.
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3. School Principals Radio – NAESP Radio with Gail Connelly

The National Association of Elementary School Principals and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you NAESP Radio. Executive Director Gail Connelly hosts the program that will focus on the topics you really care about. Each brief segment of NAESP Radio will help you keep abreast of the latest developments in the field.
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4. School Administrators Radio – AASA Radio with Dan Domenech

The American Association of School Administrators. Radio interviews by school administrators for school administrators. Dan Domenech, AASA’s Executive Director, hosts the program, which focuses on topics of importance to school system leaders. Each brief segment of AASA Radio will help keep you abreast of the latest developments in the field.
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5. Principally Speaking with Jason Bodnar

Host and Principal Jason Bodnar interviews administrators and professional educators who inspire creativity and excellence in students and teachers. This is a great podcast for newer administrators like Jason to gain great ideas from those who have been there before and other life-long learners!
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6. PrincipalPLN Podcast with Spike Cook, Jessica Johnson, and Theresa Stager

This weekly podcast is committed to creating episodes that are informative, innovative and fun! The concept of the podcast was developed by Theresa Stager, who at the time, was a first-year principal seeking ways to learn from others. Theresa reached out to Jessica Johnson, and they invited Spike Cook to join. The crew began podcasting in September of 2013. During the first year they had 35 episodes that are available on iTunes. Each week they interview teachers, principals, superintendents, authors and presenters to learn how to become more effective educators!
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7. Principal Matters with William D. Parker

William D. Parker from the Principal Matters Blog reveals his school leadership strategies, insights from other leaders, and practical tips so that you can have the tools to achieve your own goals. Rediscover healthy motivation, resolve conflicts and challenges, maximize your communication, grow your instructional abilities, and learn to streamline responsibilities—all while creating raving fans among your team members, students, parents, and patrons. William is currently Principal of Skiatook High School near Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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8. Principal Center Radio with Justin Baeder

Principal Center Radio brings you the best in professional practice for school leaders, in an audio format that you can access in the car, on the treadmill, or anywhere you’d like to listen.
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9. Educators Lead with Jay Willis

A podcast to help launch educators into the next level of leadership. This show is for those interested in educational leadership as an assistant principal, principal, superintendent, teacher or someone who hopes to be a school leader one day. Educators Lead offers inspiration and practical advice to help you lead more effectively. Jay Willis interviews school leaders three days a week to discuss why and when these educators made the decision to move into school leadership, challenges along the journey, and stories that made it all worthwhile. Educators Lead is a great resource for any educator looking to make a greater impact.
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10. Better Leaders Better Schools with Daniel Bauer

A podcast for the current school administrator, emerging leader, and educational influencer. Each episode Daniel Bauer interviews top principals as well as industry leaders to unpack their leadership insights learned via their experiences and mistakes. Discover how to create a winning school culture, focus on the essential, and lead with courage and integrity. Learn how to build relationships, leverage data, and maximize your influence by practicing a growth mindset. In addition to increasing student achievement and helping school leaders meet their peak performance, this podcast was created to make your commute, workout, and even the chores more enjoyable!
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More About Me!

I’m Jenn David-Lang. I have worked in the field of education for over 25 years, and I have had a wide range of experiences in both teaching and administration. I founded and directed Providence Summerbridge, a nonprofit to raise the academic achievement of urban middle school students; I taught both math and English; I provided professional development for teachers; and I helped to start a number of New York City schools.
Through all of my experiences, I have seen firsthand that principals just don’t have enough time to keep abreast of the latest ideas in education. So THE MAIN IDEA is my solution to that challenge. You can contact with me at with comments or suggestions.

Now It’s Your Turn

This is not an exhaustive list, but 10 great podcasts. What are others you would add to this list?

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