PMP:071 Daniel Bauer Interview – How Masterminds Help You Grow

School leader and podcaster Danny Bauer shared a conversation with me about his education journey as well as how leaders are collaborating together to keep growing personally and professionally.

Danny “Sunshine” Bauer is the founder of Better Leaders Better Schools and facilitates weekly mastermind groups to support leadership growth. His podcast has hosted a hundred highly effective school leaders who share best practices for other leaders.

Listeners are welcome to grab all his free resources and listen to his podcast at!


Here are highlights of topics we explored together:

• How Daniel’s education journey led him into school leadership, and how his hunger to learn from other leaders launched a podcast where he has now interviewed 100 school leaders on their best practices.

• Some of the biggest lessons he’s learned in the challenges an experiences in his leadership and from his interactions with school leaders across the nation and globally.

• How ego is our enemy, isolation ruins success, and community saves us from ourselves.

• The biggest benefits from Mastermind groups

• Danny’s latest ventures into connecting school leaders what has him fired up about in this next season of life or work

• An amazing story from his work with students in the Chicago area where he helped over one hundred students compete in their first marathons and change their perspectives on the world

• Danny’s encouragement to Go Big or Go Home!

Free Resources

For free resources from Danny on ways to challenge yourself in school leadership growth:

Text: Unlocknow
To: 33444

Now It’s Your Turn

Danny’s parting advice: You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so choose wisely! Thanks for the amazing value, Daniel! You can find him at

What ways are you connecting with other leaders to keep learning and growing? How can you go big in your next steps with your teams or students so you provide “wow” moments for those whom you serve?

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