PMP162: Go! Community – How to Harness the Power of the Room with Danny Bauer

Author David Weinberger once said: “The smartest person in the room is the room itself.”

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In other words, the collective power of our thinking is always more powerful than working in isolation. By connecting with others, we can stretch our thinking and be motivated to take new actions.

This week I’m thrilled to bring back Danny Bauer to the podcast to discuss the power of community building for leaders. A former Chicago and Houston school administrator, Danny Bauer has dedicated the past five years to building resources, interviewing leaders, and facilitating Masterminds for school leaders. He is also the author of The Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap: Small Ideas That Lead to Big Impact.

Danny was a guest in episode 71 of Principals Matters Podcast, and you can hear that previous episode here.  In this week’s episode, we discuss why connecting to a community of other leaders is essential to your growth. We talk about the growing online community platform he has launched for school leaders and cover several topics.

Listen-in to learn more of the following:

  • What is your superpower? Discover how this school leader has turned his superpowers of community building into full-time support for other leaders. 
  • What is your main struggle? Reflect on the common struggles or themes Danny’s hear from men and women leading schools all over the world.
  • Why is leading in isolation so dangerous? Discover how Masterminds can be your place to discover authentic, vulnerable, courageous conversations about yourself and your leadership.
  • Where can you find a safe place for school leaders online? Explore Danny’s new online Go-Community for a confidential, exclusive social community of like-minded school leaders.
  • What is your number one priority this school year? Listen to what Danny thinks is the most important priorities principals should consider when starting this school year. (His answer will surprise you!)

Here’s a summary of offerings included in the new Go! Community:

Go! Community

Danny calls it the “Greatest Place on the Internet for School Leaders” … and you’re invited. The Go! Community is an online community for school leaders to level up. Connect with other school leaders from around the globe in this private, elite membership community.

Here is what you get:

  • General Discussion on Topics You Care About
  • Online Courses
  • The World’s Best Virtual Book Club
  • Weekly Prompts
  • Podcast Transcripts
  • Exclusive Webinars & Coaching Opportunities
  • Pitch Free Zone
  • A Safe Place to Practice

For a reasonable monthly fee, you can join an exclusive online community for access to conversations, video-tutorials, and other recommendations for Go! Community members-only. Go here for more information on Go! Community Subscriptions.

Mastermind Opportunity

You may also be interested in checking out the new Principal Matters Mastermind openings. This is an opportunity for focused, weekly online meetings with other like-minded leaders in a community of school leaders who want mutual accountability for personal and professional growth. Check-it out here.

Let’s Wrap This Up

If you are ready to grow your capacity for school leadership, consider investing in deeper growth through more learning. Two options you may want to consider could include Masterminds or Go! Community. You can check out both offerings on my website.

Now It’s Your Turn

What ways are you investing in your own growth this year? What steps are you taking to be involved in collective sharing with other leaders? Even if Masterminds or Go! Community are not options that fit your needs, don’t lead alone. Reach out to other leaders and refuse to lead in isolation.

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