PMP174: 10 Areas to Focus on for Growth as a Leader with Chris Legleiter

Every person in your school is at a different level of growth. Not just students, but teachers are also at stages of growth. Leadership is not any different.

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Some educators are just beginning the journey. Others are finishing their first few years, and some are experiencing years of mastery in certain strategies or subjects. Over time, you find some areas where you have deep understanding, but you always discover new areas where you need growth.

How do you continue to grow with intentionality? This week, veteran principal Chris Legleiter shares ten powerful takeaways from his years of experience as an instructional and building leader.

Chris’s Bio

Chris Legleiter has been in education for 24 years, including the last 13 years as an administrator. His experience includes teaching and coaching at the high school level and building administrator experience at both the middle school and high school levels. Chris has worked in rural schools and suburban school districts. He currently serves as the Principal for Leawood Middle School of the Blue Valley School District in the Kansas City Metro area.

Chris has a “lead-learner focus” that places a priority on continual growth that includes helping others to collectively grow and learn from each other. This work includes growing as a leader in his position and supporting others in our profession. His interests include spending time with his family, reading, exercising and writing. He also blogs at where you can read great posts on leadership. 

In today’s conversation, Chris shares “10 areas to focus on for growth as a leader,” including:

  1. Mindset – Your growth is dependent on importance you place in cultivating a mindset of growth and continuous improvement.
  2. Core beliefs – Your non-negotiable drive your decision-making.
  3. Challenging status quo – Your leadership is more than putting out fires; it is helping others see where to grow next.
  4. Influencing others – Don’t aspire to the best on the team, aspire to be the best for the team; develop the confidence of capacity of others.
  5. Be Intentional with your efforts – Build rapport, share your vulnerabilities, model, and be a servant-leader.
  6. Reflect on your experience – Have a constant cycle of reflecting on experiences for yourself and your teammates.
  7. Broaden you learning – Understand the power of Professional Learning Networks in your own growth.
  8. Model your work – Be an example of strong instruction for your teachers, how to handle mistakes, and vulnerability.
  9. Know your why – Stay centered in what matters most – helping others.
  10. Positivity – Your attitude is contagious; celebrate others and set the right tone for change.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Chris asks the question, “If everyone in our school had your attitude, what kind of place would it be?” He hangs this sign in his school as a reminder to himself, his staff and his students. Listen-in to the entire conversation to be encouraged in your own leadership goals!

Now It’s Your Turn

What is one or two of the above areas where you can focus this next week? What goals can you help your staff or teachers set for continuous growth? How can you encourage and celebrate the work of your team members when they show growth?

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