PMP250: Principal Reboot, Part 2 with Jen Schwanke and Mastermind Members

In this episode, Jen Schwanke, principal of Indian Run Elementary in Dublin, Ohio, and author of two books on school leadership, joined me for a conversation with two principals from the Principal Matters Mastermind community: Samantha Bartrom, Principal of Coastal Academy in Oceanside, California, and Erin Igoe, Assistant Principal at Piedmont High School in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Listen to episode 249 for part one of this conversation where we discuss a chapter of The Principal Reboot: 8 Ways to Revitalize Your School Leadership, by Jen Schwanke with the author herself. This week, however, we share conversations about women in leadership, imposter syndromes, and how to pursue ideas for your own career growth.

In particular, I asked Jen to talk to education leaders considering their futures and what thoughts or advice she has for leaders who may want to write or tackle creative projects like she has.

Jen responded, “I have talked to principals all over this country who ask me how I was able to write a book or teach university classes while being a principal. My answer is that I did not wait for these things came to me. I wanted a piece of me to work for myself, not just serve as a principal. For me, I needed to be a writer. I reached out to ASCD and placed a proposal. I connected with Will and it led to podcasting. I decided that I wanted to teach at the university level, so I reached out and asked. It’s hard to stick your neck out, but I encourage people if there is something you want to do, don’t wait for it to come to you.”

Jen Schwanke also spends several minutes reflecting with Samantha and Erin about their dreams and passions, and she provides advice that may apply to any leaders.

Listen-in to the entire conversation for more takeaways on ways to pursue your interests and ideas in your leadership growth, including leaders interested in writing or creative projects.

Now It’s Your Turn

As you think about your future in leadership, what questions do you have about taking action on your dreams or creative ideas? Feel free to reach back by email and let me know other questions you would like to explore in future episodes!

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker