PMP258: Bridging Academic and Social Gaps with Trevor Goertzen

Trevor Goertzen was recognized in 2020 as a National Digital Principal of the Year. He currently serves as the Principal of Spring Hill Middle School in Spring Hill, Kansas, and is an adjunct professor of Educational Technology for Harding University. Trevor recognizes the personal impact that technology can provide by bridging academic and social gaps in his students, staff and community when leveraged correctly and intentionally. He works to provide a learning focus for his building by supporting students of all backgrounds and needs.

Helping the Spring Hill Middle School learning community reach their potential, socially and academically, is a driving principle for his leadership. Trevor additionally is the Vice-President of the Kansas Principal Association (KASSP/KAESP) and hosts the podcast ListenUp that features the stories and celebrations of Kansas principals. 

Trevor Goertzen grew up in rural Nebraska on a corn farm. In those early years, he learned the importance of working hard and serving the community around him. He is a National Board Certified teacher and Instructional Coach of nine years and now a building-level administrator of five years. 

Here are some takeaways we explore in this episode:

  1. Trevor explains how commitments to innovation and technology can enhance your service to students and your community.
  2. After 2020-2021, Principals are more aware than ever of the multiple layers of support students need for achieving outcomes. Trevor shares what lessons principals have learned that they can carry on into the new school year.
  3. Communities are experiences a lot of anxiety as the pandemic continues. Trevor shares tips for communicating with teachers and students and community members at the start of the new semester.
  4. As a veteran school administrator, Trevor offers advice for those who may be beginning their journeys into school leadership.
  5. ListenUp is a podcast for Kansas admins. Trevor explains how hosting a podcast can enhance your own professional growth.

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You can find Principal Trevor Goertzen on Twitter at his handle @SHMS_growdaily or listen to the KASSP Listen Up Podcast here.

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker