PMP260: Reflecting on Your Influence – Keynote Series #2

In last week’s podcast episode, I shared the first part of a keynote presentation I provided on August 12, 2021, to the Archdiocese of Louisville for a welcome-back ceremony of educators from thirty-nine Pre/K-8 elementary schools and nine high schools collectively serving 18,000 students in six counties. 

In Part 2 of this keynote series, you will learn the power of your own influence:

  1. How a medical team’s ability to save my son’s life provide lessons for what qualities will strengthen your education team.
  2. How the challenges and lessons of the past school year are applicable for the difficult days ahead.
  3. Ways you can commit to influencing others in positive ways even in the midst of stress, outrage or fear.

In addition, you will learn ways you can commit to positively influencing others, including:

  1. Consider being a mentor. You need input but so do educators with less experience than you.
  2. Stay committed to serving others. Education leaders can jump in lines to serve at the cafeteria when needed.
  3. Lead by example. Be a positive by being willing to go first.
  4. Stay committed to teaching, instruction, and modeling for others.
  5. Utilize your platforms to broadcast, amplify and celebrate the successes of students.
  6. As Jon Gordon teaches, don’t be an ‘energy vampire,’ but be an energy builder.

Now It’s Your Turn

Who would you consider someone who has been most influential for you?

How would you describe your own influence: toxic or healthy?

Pick one area from the list above where you can commit to positively influence others this week.

Think someone else would benefit from this episode?
William D. Parker
William D. Parker