PMP295: A Mastermind on Leaving a Legacy

This school year I had the privilege of connecting with leaders from schools in the great state of Ohio through a series of Zoom meetings. We worked through twenty sessions together covering leadership content, including lessons from my newest book, Pause. Breathe. Flourish.: Living Your Best Life as an Educator

In our final session for the school year, I shared ideas from the final chapter of the book on leaving a legacy. Afterwards, I reached back to five of the members to ask if I could share some of their comments as a part of this week’s podcast episode.

As you listen, you will hear me share ideas on why school leaders must keep in mind what kind of legacy they are leaving. 

Listen in for takeaways on:

  1. Why you are not as important as you think.
  2. Why you are more important than you think.
  3. Why you will both inspire and disappoint others as leader.
  4. Why you will always be constantly learning in leadership.

You will also hear comments from the following school leaders:

  • Ian Frank, Cinncinati College Preparatory Academy
  • Rachel Smith, Youngston Community School
  • Dr. Lisa Minor, Dayton Business Technology High School
  • Gisele James, Par Excellence Academy, Newark, Ohio
  • Noah Campbell, Discovery Academy, Toledo, Ohio

I want to taink each of these leaders and others who met regularly to learn and grow in accountability, reflection and encouragement with one another.

If you are interested in how you can become a part of a Principal Matters Leadership Group or Mastermind, reach out to me at Just type “Mastermind” in the subject line, and I would to reach back with more information about opportunities for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Thank you again for doing what matters!

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker