PMP298: 5 Sticky Core Values for Leaders with Daniel Bauer

In this week’s episode, I am joined again by my friend Daniel Bauer, education leader, podcaster and author of the book Mastermind: Unlocking Talent Within Every School Leader. We explore how he applies his 5 “sticky” core values and how these can help leaders achieve goals and outcomes.

Danny has built an incredibly successful organization supporting education leaders, and he generously shared the thoughts behind the values that drive his work. They include:

  • Turning Pro
  • Purple Cow
  • Ripple Effect
  • Forest from Trees
  • Sponge that Scales

Listen in as Danny explains how leaders must:

  • Show up to your best, no matter how you feel.
  • Create something extraordinary so that others are compelled to share it.
  • Take action that creates impact for days, months and years ahead.
  • Keep perspective so that yours actions have meaning 5 decades from now.
  • Invest, learn and teach so that what you do grows in value and influence.

I know you’ll find many other takeaways from this talk with Daniel Bauer. If you’d like to connect with him and his resources, you can find him at

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker