PMP322: Lessons in Leadership Transition with Dr. Lute Croy

This week, Will Parker and Dr. Lute Croy will be discussing ways that leaders can transition in administration roles.

Dr. Lute Croy is currently an assistant principal at Prosper High School in Prosper, TX where he serves about 3800 students. Lute has been a teacher, coach, instructional coach, and assistant principal. He’s moved 12 times during his education career. In every move, he’s met new people, discovered new systems, developed new relationships, observed pros and cons of other leaders. He is in his 20th year in education and has spent 14 years as a teacher/coach in Texas and Oklahoma, and has spent the last 6 in administrative roles here in Texas. He is also the founder of the New School Leader where he dives into his passion for helping new and aspiring administrators take the next step in their leadership journeys.

His Bachelor’s Degree is from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX – Double Major in History and Psychology (2002) He was 4-year starter on the football team, and a discus thrower on the track and field team for two years. His Master’s Degree is from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX – Master’s in Education Administration (2013) His Doctorate is from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX – Doctor of Organizational Leadership (2022).

This week, we will be discussing ways that leaders can transition in administration roles. In the past three episodes, we covered tips for leaders making transition, including:

  • Update your resume.
  • Talk to your leadership at the appropriate time.
  • Connect with your network.
  • Research your prospects.
  • Demonstrate your excellence.
  • Make introductory calls/emails.
  • Subscribe to a variety of updates.
  • Create a backward timeline.
  • Adapt an ‘Odyssey’ plan with options.
  • Celebrate success along the way.

For someone who may be facing a new transition in their own education career, what advice do you have them when considering their next move?

Part 1: I’m getting ready to make the move…
  • Decide what your boundaries are for making a move. 
  • Talk to people who have in the role you want to be in.
  • Recalibrate your time frame. For admins, it’s always hiring season.
  • Sometimes you have to take step backwards before stepping forward.
  • Invest in developing your skills for the new role.
Part 2: I’m making the move.
  • Put your ego aside and admit you need help – ask questions!
  • Find a way to add value by leaning into your strengths. (Example: Lute created a Coaches Academy; currently, he’s pouring into his Guiding Leadership Team)
  • Do the best work you can do.

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