PMP404: Managing Expectations and Accountability with Jen Schwanke and Will Parker

This week, Jen Schwanke and Will Parker tackle a question from an education leader: “As a principal, how can you monitor and ensure adherence to expected standards and outcomes in a way that is supportive rather than punitive, and fosters a culture of accountability?”

Key Points from Jen Schwanke:

  • Importance of mindset:
    • Lead with the intent to be supportive rather than punitive.
    • Believe that people generally do the best they can.
    • Be able to forgive mistakes and missteps.
  • Framing expectations:
    • Consider using terms like “hopes,” “norms,” and “practices” instead of just “expectations.”
  • Understanding accountability:
    • Distinguish between data-informed practices and merely pointing out weak spots.
    • Focus on why mistakes happen rather than who made them.
    • Avoid expecting others to do things exactly as you would; different approaches can still be valid.

Insights from Will Parker:

  • Will shares some analogies that help leaders see school through the eyes of two students with vastly different experiences based on the processes and clarity provided by school leaders and teachers.

Practical Systems to Support Staff:

  • Identify key responsibility areas.
  • Establish evaluation schedules.
  • Assign extra duties.
  • Plan for the first days of school processes.

Special Appearance:

In the final minutes, Missy Parker, Will’s wife, makes an unexpected appearance with an observation and example of how education leaders can learn to see their school through the eyes of their students.

Listen to the entire episode for even more takeaways, and thank you for doing what matters!

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker