PMP273: How to Manage When Someone is ‘Stirring the Pot’

This week William D. Parker and Jen Schwanke answer the question: What do you do about a teacher who likes to ‘stir the pot’ about other teachers?

Feedback includes suggestions on:

  • Having open, honest, clear communication
  • Addressing ‘stirring the pot’ for what it is
  • Distinguishing between stirring and asking good questions
  • Addressing resistance, gossip, tattling, drama, insubordination or refusal to cooperate
  • Deciding whether to fight back, sit in it, or let go
  • Reflecting on yourself — does this person disagree with me, or is it legitimately disruptive?

Listen-in for more takeaways and ideas. What suggestions or advice would you add? Send your thoughts or questions to

Planning Ahead for 2022-2023

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Thank you for learning together, and I hope you enjoy this week’s episode as Jen Schwanke and I answer the question from a principal about how to manage teachers who ‘stir the pot’ with others in the school!

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker