PMP272: Thankfulness & Answers about Emotional and Behavior Supports for Students

This week Jen Schwanke joins Will Parker to discuss stories of gratitude from former teachers and educators in their lives. Will references this recent video from the singer Adele paying tribute to her teacher that will warm your heart:

Also, they address these questions from a principal: “How do I provide resources for kids with trauma and behavior issues? What if we don’t have a therapist or counselor? How do we still help students?

Jen and Will cover several ideas, including:

  • Partnering with local resources
  • Considering what may be “cut” in a proposal to bolster support
  • Deciding what is necessary to support students and identifying the root of the resistance 
  • Thinking outside the box about resources all students need
  • For those with counselors, supporting them in order to maximize their strengths

Now It’s Your Turn

What stories come to your mind of ways educators have inspired you in your own work? What suggestions would you add for education leaders who are wanting more supports for students?

Think someone else would benefit from this episode?
William D. Parker
William D. Parker