PMP 313: Ideas for Teacher Recruitment and Retention with Kristi Kirschner and Danny Massey (Part 2)

This week Kristi and Danny share more ideas about teacher recruitment with Will as well as ways they are working for retention of highly effective teachers.

Last episode, guests Danny Massey, Superintendent of Brazosport ISD and Kristi Krischner, Chief Human Resources Officer at Brazosport ISD shared ways their district is using innovative approaches for teacher recruitment. This week they share more ideas as well as ways they are working for retention of highly effective teachers.


As you look forward, what other ways (grants or additional partnerships) are you considering to attract educators?


  • The apprenticeship program will keep our focus and attention as we are in the early stages of implementation; however our reach with state agencies will continue to expand as we work to build a shared understanding and language between workforce development and education.  
  • As our learning continues to develop in the space of apprenticeship, we hope to identify opportunities to expand our thought partners to engage in areas focusing on quality, policy and access to increase opportunities for funding including public and private partnerships.
  • Pre-apprentice & youth apprenticeship opportunities
  • Pathway for para vacancies and difference in number of applicants (not sure where to add…)


Across the nation, teacher shortages have become a major crisis facing most schools. What lessons/practices have been helpful for you that may be applicable for leaders in other communities?


Not only is teacher recruitment an important factor to help combat the teacher shortage, but also teacher retention.  We have to be able to address why teachers are leaving the profession. Campus culture and climate are vital.  We believe this starts with campus leadership. Investing in highly trained and highly skilled campus leaders is paramount for an effective school climate. Teachers must feel supported, be a part of a team and not work in isolation, take on qualities of highly effective teams. 

Some other programs that have served well for Brazosport in recruitment and retention of teachers are:

  • Wellness initiatives 
  • Local Perks – ways to show teachers that the community values public school educators. 
  • Innovative Compensation:

-TEA Distinctions ($200 per)

-EOC Retester Bounty ($100 per student)

-Lanier Middle School- Master Level Teacher ($10K). This resulted in rating improved from IR (F) to 88 (B).

-Secondary Science and Math Stipends ($3,500)

-Student Teachers Paid & Discount Housing ($3,000 per month)

-Low cost tuition for staff full day PreK

-Perks That Work – Staff Discounts from local businesses

-Teacher Incentive Allotment

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Now it’s Your Turn:

As you listen to this weeks episode, what are some ideas that come to mind about teacher incentives and retention?

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