PMP288: Better Strategies for Drop-Out Recovery with Dr. Warren Glen

Warren J. Glen has twenty years of experience in post-secondary education. His journey in higher education has enhanced his expertise to administer grants, manage deliverables, and mentor and motivate young scholars. 

Currently, he is the area sponsor for the Ohio Department of Education community schools of northeast Ohio. Dr. Glen previously oversaw the Northeast Region of Drop-Out recovery high schools for Oakmont Education.

He recently received the degree of Doctor of Education with an emphasis in Community College Leadership from National American University. He earned his Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education, Social Studies, Sociology and Psychology from the University of Toledo (OH). He also earned a Master of Education degree in Education Administration, Secondary Administration from Cleveland State University, in Cleveland (OH).

Dr. Glen is a bow-tie expert and enjoys mentoring young African American males in the art. A few of his volunteer efforts include mentoring scholars enrolled in the Black American Council and organizing the Books Brothers Engagement to Graduation Event which is a Black Male Initiative Program at Cuyahoga Community College.

In this episode you will discover:

  • What prompted Dr. Glen’s dissertation on the subject of drop-out recovery;
  • Recommendations for school communities to provide stronger supports for students;
  • The importance of creating stronger bridges for post-secondary experiences – not just for students but also for their families.

In addition, Dr. Glen and I discuss the national crisis so many school are facing K-12 and post-secondary with teacher pipelines as well as powerful ideas might education leaders keep in mind for increasing the teacher pipeline.

You can stay connected to Dr. Warren Glen’s work by finding him on LinkedIn at or reach out to him by email at

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker