PMP305: You’re the Principal, Now What? Revisited Part 2

This week Jen Schwanke and Will Parker continue conversations about ways school leaders can prepare for the school year – especially those who may be early career education leaders.

Relying on strategies from her book You’re the Principal! Now What?: Strategies and Solutions for New School Leaders, Jen shares how to tackle the most common yet most daunting challenges of the principalship. Will shares ideas from his book, Principal Matters: The Motivation, Action, Courage and Teamwork Needed for School Leaders.

In this week’s discussion, Will and Jen share ideas on…

  • Taking on leadership roles in a deliberate manner to establish a sense of reassurance among school staff and students.
  • Ushering in change through collaboration, input, and time, and making students the center of decisions when making changes in schools.
  • Studying people, procedures and policies to bring about a better understanding of how a school operates. 
  • Communicating expectations and documenting that communication at the beginning of the school year to eliminate confusion among staff, students, and parents.
  • Accepting that discipline has to happen and finding ways to prepare for discipline in order to avoid burnout.
  • Getting the expertise of other leaders, especially as a new principal.

Now it’s your turn:

Listen in for even more takeaways. What would you add to the list of ways that education leaders can prepare for the coming school year? What advice would you give a new principal going into their first year as a school leader?

If you are eager to learn more ways to prepare for the coming school year, consider reaching out to join a Mastermind from Will or Jen for some one-on-one coaching!

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker