PMP304: You’re the Principal, Now What? Revisited Part 1

What priorities must you keep in mind as you start a new school year? In this week’s episode, Will Parker and Jen Schwanke draw on years of experience to provide ideas and takeaways – especially with new principals in mind.

Relying on lessons from her book You’re the Principal! Now What?: Strategies and Solutions for New School Leaders, Jen shares how to tackle the most common yet most daunting challenges of the principalship. Will shares ideas from his book, Principal Matters: The Motivation, Action, Courage and Teamwork Needed for School Leaders.

Jen’s book includes several areas, including:

  • Establishing productive professional relationships
  • Building and maintaining a positive school culture
  • Resolving conflict among staff and parents
  • Providing effective instructional leadership
  • Supporting students’ social-emotional needs
  • Conducting staff evaluations and delivering feedback
  • Keeping up with district, state, and federal mandates
  • Managing the facility and the budget
  • Providing focused and effective professional development
  • Prioritizing responsibilities
  • Learning from student and schoolwide data
  • Planning for growth and change
  • Working through behavior and discipline issues
  • Hiring high-quality teachers and supporting new ones
  • Leading effective meetings
  • Maintaining balance

Will reminds principals of the many hats you wear, including:

  • Coach
  • Manager
  • Counselor
  • Accountability
  • Servant Leader
  • Cheerleader
  • Team Player
  • Individual

Now It’s Your Turn

Listen-in for even more takeaways. What ideas would you add to the ‘first things’ list of a new principal? What other hats would you add to the principal list? Marketer/Branding Specialist, Security Expert…

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker