PMP338: Supporting RTI with Jen Schwanke & Will Parker

This week’s discussion topic came to us in a question from a listener: As a prospective administrator (and someone who is coming from an elementary music background) what should I know about the RTI process and more specifically what should an assistant principal know about the RTI process? How would an AP go about overseeing this process/leveraging teachers/staff/teacher leaders etc. to support this process?

Feedback from Will & Jen:

Will: Check out helpful resources or attend training with groups like Solution Tree or my friends at First Education for good PD on implementing RTI. 

You definitely want this to be collaborative.

This cannot be a top-down approach. Think about how interventions are already working for you in the classroom – music is a good example – and how to apply that to RTI in other classroom settings.

Admit when you need to learn.

Also think MTSS, Multi-tiered systems of support, not just RTI. ASCD also has great resources – What Every School Leader Needs to Know About RTI, by Margaret Searle.

Commit to non-negotiables for ways educators are willing to ensure student learning.

Remember the ability of the classroom teacher to differentiate is the most important intervention before bringing in outside resources or other interventions. 

Don’t forget the interview process allows you to explore solutions with others with whom you may be working.

Not everyone has the same approaches to implementation and strategy – so use these learning opportunities to stretch your understanding and gain new knowledge.

Also, listen-in as Will and Jen talk about a recent conference where they were able to meet in-person for the first time and present together. 

Will was surprised that Jen is tall! Here’s a photo of them presenting together:

Listen to the entire show for more takeaways!

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker