Top 5 Episodes for New Principals

Are you looking for a crash-course in principal leadership? A principal buddy asked us if we could share with him a “top 5 episodes list” for new principals from Principal Matters: The School Leader’s Podcast. We chose the following:

PMP157: Preparing for the Start-of-School Year

PMP148: The “Why’s” and “How’s” of Managing Adult Conflict

PMP197: 10 Tips for New Assistant Principals

PMP305: You’re the Principal, Now What? Revisited Part 2

PMP304: You’re the Principal, Now What? Revisited Part 1

These episodes are based on most downloads and most relevance to leading in a new position. Each episode is 30+ minutes so you can hear about 1.5 hours in this series for takeaways to ignite (or reignite) your journey in leadership.

Principal Matters has hundreds of other episodes with more than 10,500 minutes of content and more than 1 million downloads – all content that has been super helpful for thousands of other education leaders. We hope you’ll give them all a listen! Here’s to the journey ahead, and thank you for doing what matters!!

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker