PMP278: Encouraging & Motivating Staff with Jen Schwanke

In a recent article Jen Schwanke published with ASCD, First Engage Teachers: A Principal’s Role in Cultivating Staff Motivation, Jen makes the following assertion: “When principals foster a staff’s collective belief in themselves, their staff will incorporate that positive esteem toward their own motivation and engagement to work with students.”  

How does this looks when applied? Listen-in to this week’s episode as Jen explains with examples the following reminders for education leaders:

1) Listen.

2) Remove competition.

3) Present “expectations” with care.

4) Look inward.

5) Build teachers up.

As an education leader, you are working hard to support students, teachers and communities. In this important work, your mindset, language and communication play an important role in encouraging teachers in their important work. Listen-in as Jen explains these five simple but powerful reminders. Thank you again for doing what matters!

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker