How do you set and reach goals? with Jen Schwanke – PMP329

Setting goals is a practice that I’ve used to help me grow in my own work. Not only is goal setting important in your professional life, but in your personal life as well. It helps you visualize where you want to be at the end of each year and gives you something to work towards throughout the year. In this week’s episode, co-host Jen Schwanke and I discuss how we each set and achieve our goals in our personal and professional lives.  Here are few takeaways:

Jen’s feedback:

  • I see many people asking what else can I do…
    • What are the outcomes you want?  Fulfillment, balance, money?
  • Education as a path? 
  • Establishing goals and writing them down…
  • Knowing your professional appreciation language…
  • Gary Chapman and Paul White 5 Love Languages at Work: Acts of Service, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Tangible Gifts and Appropriate Physical Touch 
    • What are you looking for? Is it a genuine need, a hole that hasn’t been filled?
  • The value of goals that match your values…

Will’s feedback:

  • Free LifeScore Assessment
  • Benefits of setting goals in ten areas and reviewing monthly and annually…
  • Examples in my reading, hobbies, content growth…
  • Examples of failure in reaching goals and lessons learned…
  • Sample categories for quick annual assessment:
    • Major milestones…
    • Positive outcomes…
    • Most difficult challenges…
    • Major lessons learned…
    • What are your goals for this year?
      • Personal
      • Family
      • Social
      • Physical
      • Vocational
  • Want to make them SMART goals?
    • S – Specific
    • M – Measurable
    • A – Achievable
    • R – Realistic
    • T – Timely

More Resources:

4 Stages of the Reflective Cycles: Teach, Reflect, Learn: Building Your Capacity for Success in the Classroom by Pete Hall and Alisa Simeral 

Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

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William D. Parker