PMP391: Hiring Tips from the Field with Principal Beau Brannon

Beau Brannon has served as principal of Union High School Freshman Academy, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, since the summer of 2022. Previously, he served four years as its assistant principal. A 2008 Muldrow High School alum, he ventured into college football at the University of Tulsa, then pursued his passion for education, earning a bachelor’s in middle childhood education from the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, a master’s in educational leadership from Arkansas State University, and completed a Superintendent certification at Northeastern State University. Beau’s education career started at Alma Public Schools, teaching science and coaching football, before moving to Keys High School, where he was named District’s Teacher of the Year in 2015. Joining Union Public Schools in 2016, he taught Geometry and was part of the State Championship football team. Off the field and outside the classroom, Beau is a devoted husband to Caitlyn since 2013 and a proud father of two.

It’s hiring season, and in this week’s interview, William D. Parker talks to Beau Brannon, a experienced principal who shares effective strategies for other principals looking to find new hires. Here’s a summary of the strategies Mr. Brannon discussed:

Charting Interns and Referrals

Brannon maintains a dynamic chart that tracks potential hires from various sources, including district-wide interns and personal referrals. This Excel spreadsheet is color-coded to distinguish interns, referrals, and those who have moved into new positions, ensuring a continuously updated list of potential candidates.


Brannon leverages his network, including friends and current staff, to identify potential hires. By asking if they know someone who might be interested in an open position, he has uncovered opportunities that he might not have found otherwise.

University Partnerships

Every fall, Brannon reaches out to universities to request teaching interns, inviting them to his school. Building relationships with these institutions through job fairs and support for interns has resulted in many becoming full-time teachers at his school.

Making Cold Calls

Brannon proactively contacts applicants who haven’t applied directly to his school but have shown interest in the district, exploring their interest in his school’s openings. This approach has successfully attracted diverse candidates, including a college career specialist and a bus driver, demonstrating the effectiveness of mission-driven recruitment.

Staff Development

Brannon focuses on hiring paraprofessionals and supporting their progress toward becoming teachers.

Results in Retention

These strategies, along with a strong emphasis on retaining teachers through various engagement and recognition tactics, has led to a 90% retention rate at his school. Brannon underscores the importance of conveying the school’s mission and creating a positive environment, quoting John Gordon and Maya Angelou to highlight the impact of leadership and the lasting impression made on others.

Overall, Beau Brannon’s strategies are centered on proactive engagement, networking, and fostering a supportive and mission-driven school culture, proving effective in both attracting and retaining staff. As Mr. Brannon say, “Don’t wait. Be proactive. Seek connection. Love Care & Serve. As a person of faith, I know I have to be on a mission every day to be the light for all of those around me.”

Listen-in to the entire conversation for even more takeaways! You can stay connected with Beau Brannon in the following ways: Twitter/X @Beau_Brannon, LinkIn Beau Brannon, and email

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William D. Parker
William D. Parker